What We Do


Silver Fern MotorSport Charitable Trust offers programmes and activities to support youth development in the area of automotive and motorsport.

Programmes provide training, education and mentorship to people, particularly young people who are identified as “at-risk” or disadvantaged.

Programmes offered by the Trust focus on learning new skills, goal setting, increased self-confidence and positioning youth to engage in career development training pathways or employment. 

Silver Fern MotorSport Youth Training and Mentorship Programme

The Silver Fern MotorSport Youth Training and Mentorship Programme provides intensive hands-on automotive training and mentorship to youth who are passionate about cars. Youth are provided the opportunity to learn basic skills in automotive and motorsport, and are provided post-programme training support to pursue either long term training, work placements or employment pathways.

The programme holds CYF403 accreditation status with Ministry for Vulnerable Children under the Ministry of Social Development. 

Referral Criteria

To be accepted on the programme, the following criteria applies:

  • 15-18 years of age
  • Male (currently the programme is only available to male youth)
  • Be passionate about cars
  • Live in the Auckland Region 
  • Must complete a pre-screening assessment before being accepted
  • Signed parent/guardian consent form is required prior to commencing the programme
  • Source of referral is unlimited including self-referral

How to Make a Referral Now

To make a referral, please complete an online referral form. Referral applications will be responded to within 72 hours of receipt of the referral. 

Or if you would rather fill out the referral form on hardcopy, please click here to download and please email the form to programme Manager Ted Jarvis ted.jarvis@silverfernmotorsport.com or post to PO Box 48156 Blockhouse Bay, Auckland 0644.

Programme Length and Hours

The Automotive Programme provides an intensive 10-day training programme.

Post programme support is provided for up to 6-months.

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am to 3pm.

Programme Intake Dates 


Driver License/Getting Started Programme 1 (FULL)

10 February 2020 14 February 2020

Automotive Intake 5

17 February 2020 28 February 2020

Driver License/Getting Started Programme 2 (FULL)

2 March 2020 6 March 2020

Automotive Intake 6

9 March 2020 28 March 2020

Driver License/Getting Started Programme 3

23 March 2020

27 March 2020

Driver License/Getting Started Programme 4

6 April 2020 9 April 2020

Driver License/Getting Started Programme 5

14 April 2020 17 April 2020

Automotive Intake 7

20 April 2020 1 May 2020

Automotive Intake 8

18 May 2020 29 May 2020

















Cost to Participants

There is no cost to participants to attend the programme. All food is provided to youth participants attending the programme. Youth must provide own means of transport to attend the programme. Transport is provided to visit offsite locations. 


The Programme is provided at the Silver Fern MotorSport Training Facility located at 4087B Great North Road, Glen Eden, Auckland.


For enquires about the programmes we offer, please contact Programme Manager Ted Jarvis 

Phone: 021635031 
Email: ted.jarvis@silverfernmotorsport.com