Who We Are


Silver Fern MotorSport Charitable Trust is a registered, not-for-profit charity which provides educational programmes and activities in the area of automotive and motorsport.


To inspire and empower youth to make positive changes in their lives through educational programmes and activities in automotive and motorsport.


To provide training, education and mentorship to people, particularly young people who are identified as “at-risk” or disadvantaged, focusing on the automotive and motorsport based industries, and to better place them for future employment and for self-development.


Core values of the Trust are:

Our History

Silver Fern MotorSport Charitable Trust was established in July 2010 to inspire youth with a passion for cars and motorsport with an opportunity to learn new skills and motivate youth to pursue long term pathways into employment or career based training. 

The inspiration to develop the Trust was spearheaded by founders Ted Jarvis and Marie Person following competing in the 2007/2008 NZV8 National Championship Series. They identified an opportunity to establish a training and mentorship programme for youth to provide them with an opportunity to learn basic skills in automotive and motorsport trade based activities.

The development of the programme was targeted to working with disadvantaged and at-risk youth passionate about cars, with the purpose of channelling this passion into positive future pathways.

Establishment of the Trust infrastructure and resourcing of the training and mentorship programme was possible through funding support from ASB Community Trust and partnerships with local community, local government and industry. 

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Our Board


Ted Jarvis (Chairman, Trustee)

Ted is co-founder and Chairman of the Trust and has a long standing background in working with youth in motorsport. Ted also holds four National racing titles in 0-1600cc Touring Car Series and has competed in many endurance races, including twice at Bathurst 1000 Australia, Benson & Hedges, Nissan Mobil and North Island Endurance races. Professionally, Ted is a former New Zealand MotorSport Licensed Examiner of 23 years (resigned in 2013), a former Pro Drive youth driver instructor for the Motorsport Trust, and is a member of the Auckland Car Club.

Ted has also worked as an official in a number of capacities including a Briefing Officer for new race drivers. Former positions also included: Club Captain, Executive Officer, Vice President and President of the Auckland Car Club, member of The Motorsport New Zealand Training Programme and member of Taupo Car Club. Ted has been involved in helping as a volunteer for a number of car clubs in New Zealand, and has led a number of charity events and fundraisers for youth initiatives. Professionally, Ted holds a background in sales, marketing and business and resides in Auckland.








Marie Person (Secretary, Trustee)

Marie is co-founder and Secretary/Treasurer of the Trust. Marie holds a Masters Degree in Science (University of Auckland graduate 1995) and professionally has a background in science research and development.

Marie has worked in the health sector as a professional Grants Manager for the  past 15 years and is passionate about developing new initiatives that will benefit the community, particularly for youth. Marie was born and raised in Auckland where she currently resides.


Paul Davie (Trustee)

Paul brings a wide range of skills to the board table as a Trustee.

Paul is a Real Estate Salesperson, and a Mortgage Broker with many years service as an elected Representative on local Community boards. These positions put Paul in contact with members of the public on a daily basis from across the demographic spectrum and especially in The Central and West Auckland communities.

Paul believes that given the right support, communities can work together toward a better and brighter future, and that future is built around our youth. Our at risk and vulnerable youth respond to opportunity, interaction and mentoring, all of which the Silver Fern Motorsport Charitable Trust hold as key operating principals, and the unrivaled successes of the trust demonstrate the power of positive role models in our Youths lives. 

Paul is happily married to Kathryn with a blended family of seven children and an ever increasing number of grandchildren spread around the globe. Family is important to Paul and he wants to see that spread to our youth to show them how to improve their lives and then for them to help others do the same.

Kathryn and Paul live and work in Avondale and the Central West Auckland area. There is a motto Paul noted in his travels and lives by “Aspire today, Inspire tomorrow.”





Luke Wilson (Trustee)

 As Trustee, Luke brings a wealth of experience in social services and community relations, and is passionate about improving the lives of young people.

In his role as a Police Officer, Luke works at the coal face and sees the challenges that our communities face, which includes working with youth and supporting local neighbourhoods, particularly in West Auckland where he is posted.

Luke believes in the power of the community to work together to create a brighter future. In his work with young people, he spends much of his time educating young people to make better decisions and focus on setting personal goals.  He is passionate about Silver Fern MotorSport Charitable Trust as it works to refocus young people to pursue positive pathways through using creative ways to motivate, educate and develop life skills for young people.

Luke is Youth Director for Waitakere Rotary.

Luke was born and raised in Christchurch, and resides in Te Atatu. He is married and has three young children, and enjoys sports and New Zealand’s beautiful outdoors.